Increase on-time deliveries

Customers are your business. Your ONLY business. That's why doing everything you can to retain them and attract new ones is essential in today's economy. Revolution® can help you increase your on-time delivery record by reducing down time due to blowouts, then there's the money you'll save by avoiding them.

On time deliveries require equipment that can go the distance. When the dispatcher selects a trailer or a power unit, how does he know the tires on that unit are within spec, aired up, and have the tread to complete the entire trip safely? Revolution® makes this more likely by reducing manpower costs while streamlining tire maintenance.

On time deliveries require equipment that will not be pulled over or cited for tire problems or for simple things like a damaged brake fixture. Or worse, sidelined at the state line until the item can be repaired. Revolution's Inspector increases the availability of this information. If you make inspections easy, your drivers will do them. If you can easily track inspections - or for that matter, missed inspections - you can accomplish both this and the rest of your duties without compromising.

Reduce tire related accidents

Did you know that many accidents involving big rigs, caused by tires, may have been avoided with proper tire management?

How much does it cost when a truck crashes? how much does it cost when a tire blows out?

These types of costs can be mitigated through diligent tire tracking and with Revolution®, tracking your tires has never been easier!

Help reduce insurance claims

Suppose you could stop just one accident? Nobody has to tell you that trucking fleets pay some of the highest premiums. And, how do you think your insurance provider will react when you prove to them that you're following best practices to reduce tire failures?

Fleet maintenance managers, fleet risk managers, and fleet financial officers know this: when you state your case for lower insurance premiums, you want to provide black and white proof that you perform truck and tire inspections on a regular basis according to established company policies that can themselves be clearly documented. Revolution® Tire Management Software is designed to do exactly that.

Revolution® provides you, for the first time, a way that a manager can establish policies, and see they are carried out to the last detail. It simplifies and clarifies the tasking of real world fleet maintenance people with different skill levels. It monitors what was done, and what was not. It reports both the details of the results, and also reports what was overlooked. In short, your team has the proof, the ammunition if you will, to go back to your insurance carrier and negotiate lower rates.

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