Tires are rugged but very expensive if not carefully maintained.

We can help you keep your tire costs down through better tire management. This means better, more easily collected data.

The Revolution™ Inspector is a ruggedized handheld PC that was designed for heavy use in inspecting equipment and tires. Drop it, leave it out in the rain, cover it in dust. These rugged inspection units were designed for the real world of construction equipment maintenance.


Your team needs to get on the equipment and get to work. That equipment is only as reliable as the tires that support them.

The Revolution™ Tire Tracking and Management System was designed by and for people who work in this industry. Whether your experienced in tire inspection or not at all, expect Revolution's clear and simple methods to maximize the benefits and minimize the effort.


You have critical matters demanding attention. Your Tire Tracking and Management System needs to be easy and efficient. It needs to be simple yet give you the business intelligence you need to stay efficient.

Tread depth and tire pressure data are vital pieces in keeping down fuel consumption and avoiding blowouts. Most likely you already check these regularly. Revolution will streamline the collection of this data and show you how to use it to your advantage

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