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The Virginia Trucking Association (VTA) is a statewide, non-profit association of trucking companies, private fleet operators, industry suppliers, and other firms and individuals interested in the well-being of motor freight transportation at the local, state and national level. The VTA is the only organization in Virginia that provides full-time service and representation for the trucking industry. VTA represents family-owned and corporate trucking businesses engaged in the transport of goods and services throughout the state and nation. The VTA is owned and operated by its members for their mutual benefit, governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors and staff) elected from the general membership.

The Mission Statement of the Virginia Trucking Association

The mission of the Virginia Trucking Association is to work to make Virginia the best state in the nation in which to base and operate a trucking company. To that end, the VTA:

• Serves and represents the interests of Virginia's trucking industry;
• Provides advocacy for trucking's interests at all levels of government
• Advances the trucking industry's image, efficiency, competitiveness and profitability;
• Provides educational programs;
• Promotes highway and driver safety and security; and
• Works for a healthy business environment.

Truck Accident Litigation

VTA holds a convention each year and one of the speeches this year was titled "The Scary New World of Truck Accident Litigation".

This presentation provided practical "best practice" tips for effectively investigating and defending a truck accident claim. It also demonstrated how your driver hiring and other safety practices can impact accident litigation, and discussed ways to minimize your related exposure.

Virginia Trucking Association 2009 Safety Awards

• The Grand Trophy for Fleet Safety was awarded to Interstate Van Lines.
• Howell's Motor Freight driver Colin Richardson is the 2009 Driver of the Year.
• The 2009 Truck Safety Professional of the Year award went to Willie Taylor of Robinson Terminal Warehouse Corp.

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Here are the 2008-2009 Officers and Board of Directors

• President: Carl Bumgarner, President, Fleetmaster Express, Inc.
• 1st Vice President: Harry G. Norris, Howell's Motor Freight
• 2nd Vice President: Richard H. Eanes, President, Warren Trucking Company
• 3rd Vice President: Douglas Z. Houff, President, Houff Transfer, Inc.
• Treasurer: Gary D. Okes, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Estes Express Lines
• Secretary & Executive V.P.: P. Dale Bennett, Virginia Trucking Association

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers above, plus:
• John A. Cox, President & CEO, Cox Transportation Services, Inc.
• Mark B. Goodwin, Senior V.P. & General Counsel
• Richard O. "Rick" Harrell, III, President, R. O. Harrell, Inc.
• Gary W. Short, Founder & CEO, Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corp.
• James R. Harris, Jr., CEO, Harris Transportation System
• James E. Hartman, President, Truck Enterprises, Inc.
• T. Guy Wilson, Executive Vice President, Wilson Trucking Corp.

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