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The Utah Trucking Association is Utah's voice in trucking. There are three membership classifications in UTA: Special Carrier, Allied and Carrier "Fair Share". UTA offers discounts on insurance, supplies, seminars, and offers many other benefits.

Safety First

The Utah Trucking Association honors two drivers every month with the UTA Driver of the Month Award. In addition, an annual UTA Safety Awards and Presentation Dinner is held to promote companies which pay special attention to safety and safe driving. An Industrial Safety Award is also maintained. The Utah Trucking Association Council of Safety Supervisors promotes the Rocky Mountain Regional Safety Rendezvous. This council meets monthly at "Ye Olde English Grill" and is open to members interested in discussing the latest safety issues.


The Utah Trucking Association provides seminars in surviving a DOT audit, Drugs and Alcohol Training for Supervisors, and Hours-of-Service/Logbook.


The UTA has publications Truckn'HotNews, a weekly fax/email service. It also publishes Utah's Voice in Trucking which is an every-other-month, four color magazine which contains great industry articles, member profiles, current events, and the latest news on trucking.

Membership in the Utah Trucking Association

Click here to join the Utah Trucking Association. The UTA offers an introductory "Try Us" membership for one year.

Talk with one of the leaders of the Utah Trucking Association:

(13TH SOUTH - OFF I-215)
Phone: (801) 973 9370

• Executive Director: David Creer, [email protected]
• Office Manager: Karla Alvey, [email protected]
• Safety & Membership Director: Terry Smith, [email protected]
• Project Manager: Monty Ball, [email protected]

• UTA President: Kim Robinson, Robinson Transport, Inc
• UTA 1st Vice President: Dale Ipson, DATS Trucking
• UTA 2nd Vice President: Scott Godfrey, Godfrey Trucking
• UTA 3rd Vice President: Kyle Treadway, Kenworth Sales Co.
• UTA Secretary/Treasurer: Duane Braegger, Tramcor Corporation

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