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Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association is an international trade association comprised of truck trailer, tank trailer, cargo container, cargo tanks for trucks, and container chassis manufacturers attributed with over 90% of the total annual production of those units in the United States. In addition, over 100 major material and component suppliers to the industry are TTMA Associate Members.

Manufacturers of truck trailers, cargo tanks, intermodal containers and their suppliers join together to bring about a mutual understanding of the problems confronting all manufacturers. They conduct programs and activities which will further the interests of TTMA member companies and the truck trailer industry. This provides a means of cooperating with the various agencies of the U.S. Federal, U.S. state, and international governments in any appropriate manner which will best serve both the public and the members' interests.

Technical Bulletins

The TTMA publishes a long list of recommended practices and technical bulletins. For example, you can learn about Trailer Air Brake System Integrity Testing; Trailer Axle Alignment; Trailer Antilock Braking System Wiring; Permissable Load Concentration for Straight Floor Van Trailers; Trailer Hitches. They also have bulletins on Truck Trailer Landing Gear; Splash Guard Attachments; and Urethane Foam Flammability. In other words --- everything you always wanted to know about trailers. But it does not stop there. Drive Shaft Protection on Trailers; Clean-Out Nipples; Emergency Valve Shear Devices… the list keeps going.

You can download the Truck Trailer Manufacturer's Association list of publications here.

TTMA Membership Directory

This directory lists the types of trailers and products of the firms and suppliers that are members of the TTMA.

Operations Manuals and Recommended Practices

The TTMA has gone all-out in its efforts to spread the word about transportation fleet maintenance best practices, safety and other areas that directly lower your insurance costs, and could help you lower unplanned maintenance events.

Click here for information on membership in the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association.

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