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Whether it is on the national or state level the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association represents the best interest of the trucking industry. As a member you have an avenue to voice your concerns to be represented professionally to decision makers. The most valuable commodity in today's fast paced business world is information. With all the regulations that govern the trucking industry it is increasingly important to have the most current information. NDMCA provides you the most up to date information available in a variety of forms.

The Organizational Mission Statement of the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association is "To Promote and Represent the Motor Carrier Industry in North Dakota." The Operational Mission Statement of the NDMCA is "To Be the Best at Providing Our Constituents the Most Current, Highest Quality, and Business Relevant Information."

The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association offers its members an avenue to voice concerns to the lawmakers whose decisions affect your business. A quarterly magazine, "Rolling Along" keeps member apprised of motor transport industry news, association news and current truck driving topics. Members can sign up for Legislative Update, eNews Update, and a Safety Matters electronic newsletter on motor carrier industry information.

The North Dakota Motor Carriers Association Safety Council sponsors a number of events including Share the Road and No Zone events in cooperation with the American Trucking Associations. They also produce an electronic newsletter, 'Safety Matters', that provides specific information about truck driver safety.

NDMCA offers a scholarship to those seeking a higher education, or to those with ties to the motor transportation industry. NDMCA also sponsors several events, like the North Dakota Truck Driving Championships and the yearly Truck Driver Appreciation Day.

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association has partnership arrangements with a number of transportation related organizations, which allow the transportation organizations to work together for the betterment of the North Dakota transportation industry. These organizations are:

Northern Valley Transporation Coalition
Grand Forks, ND
Contact: Joe Boushey

Fargo-Moorhead Transportation Club
Fargo, ND
Contact: John Lulay

For more information, check out NDMCA's Strategic Plan or contact North Dakota Motor Carriers Association at:

1031 East Interstate Avenue
P.O. Box 874
Bismarck, ND 58502-0874
Phone: 701 223 2700
Fax: 701 223 4324
e-mail: [email protected]

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association Staff:

"Thomas A. Balzer, CAE: Managing Director
Kacey M. Heidrich: Executive Assistant

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association Board of Directors:

President: Wally Keller, Jobbers Moving & Storage
Immediate Past President: Monty Wilson, Prairie Lines
1st Vice President: Mike Lausch, Wallwork Truck Center
2nd Vice President: Marlin Kling, Midwest Motor Express
Treasurer: Dick Johnsen, Johnsen Trailer Sales
ATA State Vice President: John Roswick, Midwest Motor Express


Mark Bakken, Pro Transportation
Melissa Dixon, Dixon Insurance/ITL
Gary Gabriel, AAction Movers, Inc.
Cami Gilbertson, Compliance & Safety Services
Dave Glaser, Fettes Moving & Storage
Myron Gunderson, Butler Machinery
Dennis "Gus" Gustafson, GMR Transportation
Larry Holm, Strata Corp.
James Johaneson, Magnum, LTD.
Eric Lawson, Farstad Oil, Inc.
Ryan Nelson, Nelson International
Gale Olsen, CrossCountry Courier
Mike Patton, Midwest Motor Express
Dave Rogalla, Altendorf Express
Dick Roswick, Magnum, LTD.
Pat Severson, TMI Transport
Carl Sinner, Wallwork Truck Center
Marv Skar, Harlows Bus
Larry Stoltman, M Bar D
Tom Stordahl, Transport Inc.
Mike Timm
J.P. Wiest, Simplex Leasing Inc.
Dante Habinger, Baker Boy
Kevin Borseth, Midland Garage Doors
Mark Wolter, Magnum LTD

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