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The Freight Carriers Association of Canada and the North American Transportation Council represent Canadian domestic for-hire motor carriers and transborder for-hire motor carriers respectively. The two organizations have been recognized for their expertise on matters pertaining to these industries for over 60 years. The organizations publish fuel bulletins, a current currency exchange rate, and an online news readout.


• To provide a forum to allow carriers to discuss common problems and issues of general interest and importance.
• To develop, publish and maintain rate structures and software for use by motor carriers and their customers.
• To provide quality information in a timely fashion to assist our members and other parties involved with the motor carrier industry.


To join the FCA/NFTB, please visit the membership page.

Contact the FCA/NFTB:

Phone: 800.559.7421
Fax: 905.994.0117
Email: [email protected]

Freight Carrier Association of Canada
427 Garrison Rd., Unit 3&4
Fort Erie, ON
L2A 6E6

North American Transportation Council, Inc.
P.O. Box 548
Buffalo, NY

President: Dave Sirgey
Manager, Rate Research & Development: Ken Leising
Administrative Assistant: Julie Gauthier
Accounting Technician: Diane Sheppard
Sr. Analyst/ Programmer: Jon Ainsworth
Sales & Marketing: Mary Anne Vehrs

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