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Motor carrier members and associate members of Nevada Motor Transport Association (NMTA) have done a lot to support their industry in the last 70 years. Membership in NMTA has meant action in government and business, and protection of motor transportation interests. NMTA was created as a defensive measure. Truck and bus operators doing business in Nevada were forced to band together for mutual protection in the face of threatening legislation, which would have put them out of business or seriously interfered with their operations.

Nevada Motor Transport Association is a non-profit motor carrier transportation association that represents the diverse Nevada motor carrier industry by being involved in common carrier transportation laws and regulations that affect Nevada truck and bus operators. Since 1932, NMTA has been the voice of the Nevada motor carrier industry and has assisted truck operators and bus operators to interpret existing transportation laws, has opposed motor carrier legislation that is restrictive, and has sponsored motor carrier and transportation laws that aid in the development of a transportation system that is safe and efficient. Nevada Motor Transport Association membership is about action in business and government, and the protection of the interests of common carriers, truck operators, bus operators, motor carriers and the motor transportation industry in general. Membership Benefits

Nevada Motor Transport Association publishes a newsletter that keeps its members informed about tire safety, truck driver appreciation, worker's compensation law, Nevada State business licenses, truckers and sleep apnea, green truck stops, and many more issues pertaining to the motor carrier industry. Nevada Motor Transport Association's website keeps members apprised of motor carrier industry laws, rules, and regulations affecting tire safety, common carriers, bus operators, truck operators and the transportation industry in general. It also offers links to Nevada chain requirements, Nevada scale inspection locations, road conditions, Nevada Department of Transportation and more trucker information. Nevada Motor Transport Association also offers notary service free of charge to NMTA members, as well as a self-insured workers' compensation program for bus operators, truck operators, and common carriers. In their supply department, members can find driver's log books and U.S. Department of Transportation forms.

Legislative Action

Nevada Motor Transport Association's motor carrier industry legislative actions resulted in savings of over $200 million in state highway user fees and taxes to common carriers, truck operators, and bus operators. In addition to their involvement with the Nevada Legislature, members are also represented in the halls of Congress because of NMTA's affiliation with the American Trucking Associations in Washington, D.C. For example, Nevada Motor Transport Association worked on legislation allowing longer combination vehicle permits, which provides a large financial savings to its motor carrier industry members, to common carriers, to truck operators, bus operators, and to the motor transportation industry in general.

Recognition of Service

Each year, Nevada Motor Transport Association names a Driver of the Year. In 2008, The Driver of the Year Award went to Jack Fountaine of Truline Corporation. Congratulations, Jack Fountaine!

CEO: Paul Enos
Safety Director: Joe McCallum
Office Manager: Vance Christiaens

For more information on membership in the Nevada Motor Transport Association, contact them at:

Reno/Sparks Office
8745 Technology Way, Suite E
Reno, NV 89521
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Fax:(775) 673-1700

Las Vegas Office
3830 E. Craig Rd.
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Las Vegas, NV 89030
Tel: (702) 262-5665
Fax: (702) 262-5666

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