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Since its inception, the National Truckers Association has been a voice for its members in the trucking industry. Formed by trucking professionals, the first objective of the NTA was provide owner operators, independent contractors and small fleets with the same advantages as the big companies with large group influence and purchasing power. NTA is proud to be one of the fastest growing independent trucking organizations that represent independent truckers.

Mission Statement

The National Truckers Association (NTA) will act as a primary resource and advocate for our members through our association affiliations, products and membership benefits.


The National Truckers Association (NTA), headquartered in Dallas, TX, is an organization dedicated to its members. The NTA was founded to promote the collective interests of owner-operators, independent contractors, and small fleets, ensuring that National Truckers Association members enjoy the same benefits as those belonging to large companies and organizations.

The NTA honors its commitment to its members by providing relevant services and programs, by negotiating on behalf of its members before organizations and government agencies, and by supplying timely and accurate information on transportation issues. Click here for a full listing of National Truckers Association objectives.

Representing independent truckers, the NTA is pleased to offer its members group insurance in the following categories:

• Occupational Accident Insurance / Contingent Liability Insurance
• Physical Damage Insurance
• Non-Trucking Liability Insurance
• Cargo Liability Insurance
• Primary Liability Insurance

Visit the National Truckers Association home page for access to information on the NTA member insurance programs.


The National Truckers Industry News is the online newsletter of the NTA, featuring topics of interest to the independent trucking community. Click here to view the latest issues. The National Truckers Association also offers a series of Association Updates to inform members of current developments within the NTA. Visit the NTA Association Updates page here.


As members of the National Truckers Association, independent truckers enjoy the same competitive advantages as those associated with big organizations. Click here and here to learn about the many benefits of becoming an NTA member. To join the National Truckers Association, click here.

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