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The National Industrial Transportation League was established in 1907 to represent shippers in their dealings with various regulatory bodies. The League has long been recognized as a leader in developing and formulating freight policies over all transportation modes. Both domestically and internationally, the League is respected and is looked to as a reliable and credible resource in understanding how new initiatives will impact the freight industry.


The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), "The Voice of the Freight Transportation Industry," is headquartered in Arlington, VA. The NITL is the oldest and largest freight transportation association in the United States. From its early days, the National Industrial Transportation League has worked to represent the interests of all commercial shippers: motor, rail, ocean, and air. Continuing through today, the NITL is a powerful voice dedicated to developing and maintaining a modern, safe, and efficient freight transportation system that meets the needs of our nation's commercial carriers, both domestically and internationally.

The committees supported by the National Industrial Transportation League are:

• Air Transportation Committee
• Education Committee
• Information Technology Advancement Committee
• Audit Committee
• Ocean Transportation Committee
• Highway Transportation Committee
• Railroad Transportation Committee

Click here to learn more about the missions of the individual committees.


The NITL is pleased to offer the following publications:

• The Notice: a weekly newsletter offering domestic and international transportation policy information; click here to view a sample of the newsletter
• Rail User's Manual: an annual guide to rail fleet management; click here to order a current copy
• Annual Report: an annual communication reviewing the year's NITL activities; click here to view the current annual report
• Annual Meeting & Transcomp Guide: an annual compilation including products and services of exhibitors at the annual meeting

Additionally, the National Industrial Transportation League, in collaboration with the Truckload Carriers Association, has developed a series of guidelines that embody the cooperation and mutual respect the NITL helps to foster among all involved in the freight industry. Click here to view the NITL Code of Ethics.

2009-2010 NITL Board of Directors

Executive Committee
• Chairman of the Board: Mark Maleski; J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
• 1st Vice Chairman: Terry L. Bunch; Rayonier
• 2nd Vice Chairman: Matt Ehlinger; NCH Corporation
• 3rd Vice Chairman: Doug J. Kratzberg; ExxonMobil Chemical Company
• Treasurer: Mary Pileggi; E.I. du Pont de Nemouts & Company, Inc.

Committee Chairs
• Air Transportation: Richard W. Macomber; Geodis Americas
• Education: Nathan Buza; LyondellBasell Industries
• Information Technology Advancement: Pam Stagner; ConocoPhillips Company
• Auditing: Keith Kennedy; Howard Industries
• Ocean Transportation: Michael B. Berzon; Mar-Log, Inc.
• Highway Transportation: Wayne Johnson; American Gypsum Company
• Railroad Transportation: Randy Brown; Cargill, Incorporated


The NITL serves its freight transportation members in three arenas:

• policy development
• networking
• education

Click here to learn more about the ways in which the National Industrial Transportation League advocates for its members. For information on how to join the NITL, click here.

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