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The National Association of Independent Truckers (NAIT) was founded in 1981 to support the needs of independent contractor small-business owners in the trucking industry. More than 30,000 independent owner operators know that the NAIT is their best source for money-saving business services and comprehensive benefit programs. Since 1981, NAIT has specialized in utilizing the buying power of its members to package top-notch, value-priced benefits geared to their unique needs.

Mission Statement

To serve, support and represent independent trucking entrepreneurs and their businesses over the long term by:

• Utilizing group strength and purchasing power to help reduce costs and resolve problems common to independent trucking entrepreneurs.
• Effectively communicating current and pertinent information on issues impacting the life and business of independent trucking entrepreneurs.
• Helping improve the professional public image of independent trucking entrepreneurs.
• Facilitating communication and cooperation between our association members, governmental and regulatory bodies, service and product providers, as well as others in the trucking industry
• Promoting trucking industry unity and fostering friendship and mutual goodwill among our association members, and at large.


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Phone: 800.821.8014

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