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Mid-West Truckers Association members are trucking companies and companies that operate trucks as part of their business. With the rapid-fire changes that are taking place in trucking in regards to laws, regulations and the economy, few successful companies can survive without the "eyes and ears" assistance of an association. MTA works closely with all state and federal agencies involved in the trucking industry.

The Mid-West Truckers Association was founded in 1963, representing 2700 companies in 15 states. The MWTA provides educational seminars and conventions for members and their families, and hosts a number of advisory boards to educate its members. The Mid-West Truckers Association publishes the "Keep on Truckin' News", as well as a number of free informational booklets. The MWTA hosts the annual Mid-West Truck Show & Convention, the largest truck show in the country, in Peoria, Illinois.


To join the Mid-West Truckers Association, please visit the membership page.

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Phone: 217.525.0310
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Mid-West Truckers Association
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