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The Iowa Motor Truck Association was formed in 1942. The organization was formed because a group of motor carriers felt that Iowa's trucking industry needed a voice at the State Capitol. The organization quickly flourished and has been a respected and recognized association since its inception. Currently the Iowa Motor Truck Association has over 700 member companies and the organization continues to work on strengthening its foundation by enrolling additional members.

Ongoing Education

Iowa Motor Truck Association promotes educational sessions specifically designed for the trucking industry. Seminars are designed with assistance from regulatory agencies and address the ongoing challenges all truckers in the industry. IMTA actively participate in these a multitude of up-to-date seminars that are held in Des Moines.


Information and resources are available. All IMTA members receive three standard communications tools on a. regular basis effective communications address the constantly changing nature of the trucking industry. IMTA is constantly working on the timeliness and effectiveness of its communications efforts.

Volunteer Committees of the Iowa Motor Truck Association

Volunteer involvement is strength of the IMTA. IMTA members can become involved in a number of activities and make valuable contributions to the association and assist IMTA's overall mission.

Iowa Truck Driving Championships Committee
Management Conference Committee
Executive Committee
Policy Committee
Industry Relations Committee
Finance Committee
Truck PAC Iowa Committee

CONTACT The Iowa Motor Truck Association

Numerous benefits are available to IMTA members.

Mail: 717 East Court, Des Moines, IA 50392

Telephone: Main: 515-244-5193 - Fax: 515-244-2204

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