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The Illinois Trucking Association consists of hundreds of dedicated trucking companies and Allied Members who support the industry. ITA is the ONLY Illinois affiliate of the American Trucking Associations. As a result they bring with them experience of all other State Trucking Associations into one united team. Illinois Trucking Association provides a lobbying voice in Springfield PLUS a whole array of services to help manage the impact of change within the industry. ITA teams with other industry leaders to provide educational opportunities and member discounts.

The Illinois Trucking Association is a non-profit trade association that was founded in 1930 to protect and promote the Illinois trucking industry. The ITA is dedicated to advocating for sensible public policies that support the Illinois trucking industry by promoting safety, dependability, training, cost effectiveness, public outreach, and education. The Illinois Trucking Association promotes the interests of its members by lobbying for legislation that extends economic growth, educational opportunities, and business advancement to motor carrier fleets and transportation industry suppliers. This affiliation benefits members of the Illinois Trucking Association with the experiences and knowledge of the national association, which is why the ITA is known as the "Voice in Illinois" for the trucking industry.

Mission Statement of the Illinois Trucking Association

ITA is a trade organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of its member companies by advocating sound public policies, providing excellence in education, training and information while promoting a safe, dependable and cost effective transportation system.

ITA is committed to articulating the concerns of the trucking industry to government, regulatory bodies and the general public.

ITA further pledges to assist member companies in managing the impact of change in the trucking profession and to enhance the professional and economic growth of our members.

Illinois Trucking Association Training

The Illinois Trucking Association provides numerous training opportunities to its members including DOT/TSI driver and management courses, regulatory compliance, transportation, and safety classes. The ITA training is available on-line, 365 days a year; it is self-paced and offered at reduced rates compared to traditional classroom courses. Click for more information about Illinois Trucking Association training.

ITA Membership

The Illinois Trucking Association is committed to promoting the trucking transportation industry and providing its members with the tools and opportunities to advance their business. Membership in the ITA includes participation in numerous association activities, receipt of publications, and copies of news releases and bulletins related to the Illinois trucking industry.

Illinois Trucking Association Board of Directors

The ITA officers and representatives are comprised of leaders in the trucking transportation industry at both the Illinois state level and at the national stage. Here are the 2010 ITA officers:
• Chairman of the Board: Gary Langston, UPS
• President: John Staggs, Super Cartage
• 1st Vice President: Jim Appa, Fore Transportation
• 2nd Vice President: Larry Hayes, Metro Intermodal
• 3rd Vice President and ATA Vice President: Kevin Lhotak, Reliable Transportation
• Secretary/Treasurer: Tony Schmidt, MBI
• Legal Council: Jerry Cooper, Scopelitis and George Billows, ITA

In addition to the officers listed above, the Representatives at Large of the Executive Committee are:
• Alan Detmers, Double D
• Nick Urso, Bear Cartage
• Brad Westrom, United Express
• Mike Burton, C&K Trucking
• Sean Jones, EBY Brown
• Melanie Burnham, Hercules Freight
• Brain Wascowitz, Triple G Enterprises

Illinois Trucking Association Staff

Staff at the ITA includes:
• George Billows, Executive Director
• Janet Foote, Executive Administrator
• Randy Thomas, Associate Director Membership / Safety & Maintenance Council

They can be contacted by clicking here or writing/ calling:

The Illinois Trucking Association 7000 Adams Suite 130
Willow Brook, IL 60527

Phone: 630-654-0884, Fax: 630-654-0899

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