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Bitter competition, factionalism between rival trade organizations, slander campaigns by the railroads and increasing state and federal regulation, were making business survival exceptionally difficult for Colorado's truck lines. Operators were under assault from virtually every possible direction. Clearly there was a need for strong leadership - a need for one organization that could effectively represent the diverse needs and interests of all of Colorado's motor carriers.


The Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA), located in Denver, CO, is a service organization dedicated to the support and education of the Colorado trucking community. The mission statement of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association is summarized in the CMCA bylaws:

• to encourage friendly relations between members
• to foster confidence and cooperation
• to establish uniform rules and regulations
• to foster and advance safety upon the public roads and highways
• to affiliate with or establish reciprocal relations with any other associations, commercial or industrial, and the American Trucking Associations, Inc.
• to disseminate information and statistics valuable to the member [sic] of all of the several natural conferences of the industry
• to promote cordial relations with the public and national, state and municipal authorities in matters of common interest to the industry

The Colorado Motor Carriers Association as we know it today began with a rocky history. Toward the end of the Great Depression, two organizations--the Colorado Transfer and Warehouseman's Association (CTWA) and the Colorado Trucking Association (CTA)--considered themselves fierce rivals. By the end of the 1930s, however, they merged as one for the greater good of the Colorado trucking community. More recently, the CMCA joined forces with the Colorado Transfer & Warehousing Association, providing an even more powerful voice for Colorado trucking interests.

Today the CMCA serves three purposes: membership services; legislative and government relations; and education.

The Colorado Motor Carriers Association is organized into divisions called conferences. Each CMCA conference comprises members from a specialized field of transportation, and each conference is represented on the CMCA governing board. In addition, special committees and councils perform tasks and offer education pertaining to specific areas of interest.


The CMCA Safety Management Council rewards its outstanding members in the following categories:

• Hourly Drivers of the Month
• Mileage Drivers of the Month
• Hourly Driver of the Year
• Mileage Driver of the Year
• Safety Supervisor of the Year
• Workplace Safety Award
• Grand Fleet Safety Award
• President's Trophy
• Distinguished Service Awards
• Fleet Safety Awards

The distinguished recipients are honored at the annual Colorado Safety Banquet. Click here for more information.


To encourage students in business or engineering transportation studies, as well as students in diesel technical school, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association offers the Ray Smith Scholarship for employees or immediate family members of CMCA member companies. Click here for further information on how to apply.

Recipients for the 2009 scholarship represent the following companies: Crown Trucking; UPS; Wal-Mart Transportation; Voyager Express; Fort Collins Feed; Tire Centers, LLC; Kissinger & Fellman, PC; Transports, Inc.; Valley Equipment Leasing Inc.; Denver Newspaper Agency; Allen Pancost Trucking; Smith Trucking.

Education and networking

Along with newsletters and an annual convention, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association offers a multitude of onsite and online training opportunities. The CMCA sponsors classes, seminars, and workshops on topics ranging from government regulations to safety concerns. Click here for a list of offerings and instructions on how to register.

The CMCA also holds its annual Roadeo. This fun and exciting team building event encourages driver safety and skillful driving. Click here to find out more.

Executive Board

The 2008-2009 CMCA Executive Committee comprises:

• Chairman: Wendy Shupe, Tri-State Commodities
• Vice Chairperson: Dan Coleman, DG Coleman
• 2nd Vice Chairperson: Chuck Finnegan, Bill Clark Truck Line
• 3rd Vice Chairperson: Dave Williams, Dairy Farmers of America
• Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Nelligan, US Transport
• ATA Chairman: Tom Lee, Mile-Hi Frozen Foods
• ATA Alternate: Wayne Holder, HVH Transportation
• Past Chairman: Doug Sampson, Acme Distributing
• President: Greg Fulton, CMCA


To learn about the many benefits of joining the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and for instructions on how to become a CMCA member, click here.

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