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So much depends on trucking. Most of America's products are delivered by trucks and Arkansas is the heart of America's trucking industry. The Arkansas Trucking Association is owned by trucking companies and private carrier fleets (as well as important suppliers to the industry) from one-truck operations to some of the nation's largest trucking companies.

The Arkansas Trucking Association was founded in 1932 and is owned by trucking companies, private carrier fleets, and transportation industry suppliers that are dedicated to the promotion of goods that rely on the trucking transportation industry. The ATA is devoted to the more than 84,000 people in the state of Arkansas that depend on the trucking industry to provide reliable and safe transportation of goods and economic growth in America's heartland. The Arkansas Trucking Association encourages all of its members to participate in grassroots politics by contacting their government representatives in an effort promote the safety and economic benefits that the transportation industry contributes to Arkansas.

Mission Statement of the Arkansas Trucking Association

The mission statement of the Arkansas Trucking Association is stated simply as:

PROTECT the collective interests of trucking companies in the political and regulatory arenas. PROMOTE the dynamics of trucking so that people have a better understanding of the link between America's primary freight delivery system and the standard of living they enjoy. INFORM our corporate executives about the important issues they need to know to grow their business and their profits.

Arkansas Trucking Association Safety Management Council

The Arkansas Trucking Association Board of Directors formed the Safety Management Council. The ATA Safety Management Council provides invaluable training opportunities throughout the state of Arkansas to its members in an effort to increase safety awareness and economic efficiency in the commercial trucking transportation industry.

Arkansas Trucking Association Training

The Arkansas Trucking Association provides a training curriculum including the US DOT/Transportation Safety Institute's (TSI) Motor Carrier Safety Compliance. ATA training is available on-line, 365 days a year to any Arkansas transportation industry personnel. Click for more information about Arkansas Trucking Association Online Training.

ATA Publications

The Arkansas Trucking Association produces publications including the Arkansas Trucking Report and the Guide to Arkansas Trucking. Both of these regional publications provide invaluable information about business and news items pertaining to the Arkansas trucking industry. Click to learn more about Arkansas Trucking Association publications and to sign up on-line to receive ATA publications.

ATA Membership

The Arkansas Trucking Association is devoted to the reliable and safe transportation of the commercial trucking industry while promoting the economy of the state of Arkansas. Click for more information about ATA membership services.

Contact the Arkansas Trucking Association

Write to:
P.O. Box 3476
Little Rock, AR 72203

1401 West Capitol Ave, Suite 185
Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone: 501-372-3462, Fax: 501-376-1810

The following ATA staff members are also available to assist you:
President: Lane Kidd
Vice President: Shannon Samples Newton
Director of Operations: Sarah Newman Sheets
Membership Director: Pam Choate
Executive Assistant: Wynter Cavin

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