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Mission Statement

• to serve and represent the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice;
• to influence in a positive manner Federal and State governmental actions;
• to advance the trucking industry's image, efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability;
• to provide educational programs and industry research;
• to promote safety and security on our nation's highways and among our drivers; and to strive for a healthy business environment.


The American Trucking Association (ATA), headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, began in 1933 as two organizations—the American Highway Freight Association and the Federated Trucking Associations of America—joined forces as one powerful voice for trucking interests across the nation. As the country struggled through the Great Depression, the purpose of the American Trucking Associations was "to educate on matters affecting the operation of motor vehicles, teams and drays, including safety facilities, safety devices and laws governing such operations." Today, the ATA expands on these traditions by advocating not only for education and safety but also for issues ranging from energy to the environment to highway infrastructure to labor to security. Visit the American Trucking Associations advocacy page and the ATA policy committees page to learn more about how the ATA represents the legislative, regulatory, and political interests of the nation's trucking community.

The ATA comprises three primary sectors: headquarters operations, including the ATA Councils; the ATA Conferences; and the state trucking associations. The five ATA Councils provide expertise in key functional areas of trucking, and include:

• National Accounting and Finance Council
• Information Technology & Logistics Council
• Safety Management Council
• Supply Chain Security & Loss Prevention Council
• Technology & Maintenance Council

The ATA Conferences promote the business and operational needs of distinct lines of business represented by:

• Automobile Carriers Conference
• Agricultural & Food Transporters Conference
• Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference

To further serve the collective needs of the nation's trucking industry, the American Trucking Associations features the Trucking Association Executives Council (TAEC). The TAEC includes executive members of both state trucking associations and ATA Conferences; members meet as a national group and also by geographical region as needed.

Events sponsored by the American Trucking Associations include ATA Council meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and the ATA National Truck Driving Championships. The American Trucking Associations industry events calendar tracks national and regional trucking industry events in one handy location. Click here to access current and future event listings.

The ATA produces monthly webinars available to American Trucking Associations members. Topics span a variety of issues, including legislation, economics, environmental impact, and health and safety. Click here to access the current and past listing of available ATA webinars.

As stewards of goodwill and responsible trucking, the ATA sponsors programs designed to educate the public and enhance the image of the trucking industry. American Trucking Associations programs include:

• America Supports You
• Be Ready. Be Buckled
• Goodyear Highway Hero
• Trucker Buddy
• Women In Trucking

Click here to learn more about these ATA Supported Programs.


The ATA is pleased to honor companies and individuals for their contributions to a safe and robust trucking industry. Company and professional awards include:

• ATA Industrial Safety Contest Award
• ATA National Truck Safety Contest Award
• ATA President's Trophy
• Cargo Theft Prevention Distinguished Service Award
• Claims/Loss Prevention Professional of the Year
• Excellence in Claims/Loss Prevention Awards
• Excellence in Human Resource Management
• Excellence in Security Award
• Human Resources Professional of the Year
• National Safety Director of the Year Award
• S&LPMC Leadership Award
• Security Council Leadership Award
• Security Professional of the Year
• State Association Recognition Award
• TMC Recognized Associate
• TMC Silver Spark Plug Award
• TMC SuperTech of the Year Award

Driver awards include:

• National Driver of the Year
• National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion

A special celebration sponsored by the American Trucking Associations is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Click here for details on the ATA National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and video contest.

Special Funds

The American Trucking Associations is proud to be partnered with Gifts in Kind, ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the country's best-managed charities. The ATA partnership with Gifts in Kind allows for the transportation and delivery of donated goods to intended recipients in need, including the elderly, the homeless, the illiterate, immigrants, low-paid military families, refugees, the unemployed, victims of domestic abuse, and victims of natural disasters. Visit the American Trucking Associations Charitable Transport Board page to learn more about this worthy cause.


Transport Topic is the weekly newsletter published by the American Trucking Associations. Click here to access a sample online page.

The ATA publishes an extensive library of documents geared toward the collective interests of the trucking community. Blogs, policy papers, press releases, speeches, and white papers can be accessed here.

The ATA also issues subscription publications on trucking trends, tonnage reports, trucking and transportation statistics, and trucking activity reports. Click here for information on how to subscribe to these American Trucking Associations reports. Publications available exclusively to American Trucking Associations members include:

• Truckline: a twice-weekly industry e-mail update
• The Federal Update: a biweekly federal regulatory e-report
• Fuel Line: a weekly fuel update e-mail
• Trucking Economic Review: a periodic economic update e-mail
• Weekly Economic Recap: a weekly economic update newsletter
• ATA Issues Update: a quarterly ATA issues update report
• ATA State Laws Newsletter: a weekly state and federal tax and credentialing update e-report

Executive Board

• Bill Graves: ATA President & CEO
• G. Tommy Hodges: ATA Chairman
• Barbara Windsor: ATA First Vice Chair
• Dan E. England: ATA Second Vice Chairman
• Michael S. Card: ATA Vice Chairman
• Philip L. Byrd, Sr.: ATA Vice Chairman
• John M. Smith: ATA Secretary
• Patrick E. Quinn: ATA Treasurer


Members join the American Trucking Associations in one of four categories:

• for-hire motor carriers
• private carriers
• allied companies
• shippers

All members enjoy the benefits that ATA offers: leadership, advocacy, staff specialists, informational resources, products and services discounts, and the opportunity to become involved in critical trucking issues. Click here to discover how ATA membership can benefit you and your company.

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